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Make a Fabulous Skin Serum with your Essential Oils

DIYs with Essential Oils are one of the simplest. There is no real need to get exotic Essential Oils, where if you already use Essential Oils, it is quite likely that you have at least one Essential Oil that you can easily dilute to make a fabulous Skin Serum.

There are many different recipes you can find on the internet. It's like cooking - the same dish can be cooked in indefinite ways by different people, and the difference can be as little as a tiny bit of change in quantity of just one ingredient.

So to make it simple, first of all, Dilution. This is one of the most important aspects about the use of Essential Oil Topical Application that we believe everyone who uses Essential Oils must know. It is very simple:


1% Dilution if you are applying Essential Oils to your Face.


What does 1% Dilution mean?

It means a Total of 3 drops of Essential Oil to 10mL of Carrier Oil.

"Isn't that too little?" We have been asked this question often :)

No, it is not. Essential Oils are extremely concentrated and potent. Think about it this way: it takes about SIXTY Roses to get ONE single drop of Rose Essential Oil. That's a pretty powerful amount of anything in concentrated form.

What Carrier Oil should I use?

There are at least 20 different types of Carrier Oils we can think of, so the choices can seem a little overwhelming! There are a few that are specifically great for our faces - Meadowfoam, Camellia, Jojoba, Argan, Apricot Kernal, Rosehip, Grapeseed. Jojoba is one of the most common, and popular, Carrier Oils used as it is a great all-rounder for the face and body.

For the recipe that we are featuring today, the focus is on Glowing, Age-defying Skin...because, who doesn't want that right. In fact, skin experts recommend that we start using anti-aging skin products from our mid 20s. So it means that it's never too early to start.


DIY Recipe for Glowing, Age-Defying Skin Serum



Essential Oils

1 drop Lavender

1 drop Geranium

10mL Carrier Oil

Meadowfoam (half)

Camellia (half)



Step 1: Add each of the Essential

Oil drops to your Roller Bottle

Step 2: Add Meadowfoam Carrier Oil to the Roller Bottle halfway up

Step 3: *Top up the rest of the Roller Bottle with Camellia Carrier Oil

*top up only to just beneath the neck of the bottle, otherwise you are going to have Carrier Oil overflowing out of the bottle when you replace the roller ball top!

Carrier Oil Substitute

Yes, you can certainly use any good quality Carrier Oil that you have on-hand.

Carrier Oil Purchase

If you need to purchase Roller Bottles with Plant Therapy Younger Glo, Camellia and/or Meadowfoam Carrier Oil, you can buy them through our Carrier Oil service at or whatsapp 97380469 to add that to your purchases on our website. Or you can join our Plant Therapy Monthly Preorder Promotion right here!

Read more about Carrier Oils here.

Rotating Essential Oil Use

Like everything else, our bodies can get used to what we use or apply. We recommend rotating your Essential Oils every few weeks or monthly. So, if you are using this Skin Serum recipe, you may want to rotate it with another Skin Serum. This helps to maximise the benefits of each Serum that you use. One of our Customers' hot favourites is Plant Therapy Anti-Age Essential Oil Synergy Blend. Similarly, add 3 drops of Anti-Age Essential Oil Synergy Blend to 10mL Carrier Oil.


Essential Oil Skin Serums are oil-based. So it is important to know that you should apply your Skin Serum AFTER your other water-based facial products. Oil blocks moisture, so if you use your Skin Serum first, anything else that you apply on your face that is water-based will not benefit your skin at all as it will not penetrate through the Essential Oil Skin Serum.

So you may want to apply your Toner (we recommend alcohol-free toners - Plant Therapy Hydrosols are wonderful natural skin toners), followed by your water-based moisturizer, and finally your Essential Oil Skin Serum.

Enjoy your Glowing Age-defying Skin Serum!


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