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Plant Therapy Singapore Authorised Distributor


2 Simple Steps to get
up to 20% discount + FREE Shipping

every month of the year

how to pre-order

1. Add your Plant Therapy items to your cart at take screenshots of your cart. This is just to ensure that your item is in stock at Plant Therapy USA.

2. Whatsapp your cart screenshots to 9738 0469: we will advise total payment - that's it! Payment: Paynow, Paylah only.


1.   01st - 05th of each month: whatsapp broadcast announcement will be sent.

2. Fulfillment ETA 10 - 15 days from close of Pre-order.

How to Preorde Plant Therapy

IMPORTANT: Add 9738 0469 to your Phone Contacts

(you can't receive our Monthly Whatsapp Broadcasts otherwise)

Send us a text to add you to the Broadcast list and Request for Discount Information.

Note: Whatsapp Broadcasts are not Group Chats. 

Recipients receive individual texts, with total privacy.

Image by Emilia Wronowska

your understanding is needed

We request all Customers to please

1) Read the very simple instructions on this page

2) Read up about Essential Oils here or at Plant Therapy

Pre-Order periods are particularly hectic for us, and we try our best to extend any help to our Customers.

To help us serve you the best way we can, please do not

1) ask for quotations bottle by bottle: use the simple calculation method given to you

2) bombard us with a sequence of never-ending questions: we request that you take the time to read the simple instructions and learn some basics about Essential oils

3) harass, be rude, demanding or entitled - we block anyone who cannot be respectful.

If you need to understand our Plant Therapy Pre-Order Promotion more, click here.


IMPORTANT: Our process and charges are fully transparent and details are below. However, if you are new, please do take some time to read through our T&Cs and FAQs.

In-stock essential oils

Yes, we do have many different Essential Oils in-stock especially the popular ones. For the most updated selections, visit our Shopee Store (utilise our Store Vouchers for discounts!)

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Please send us a text via Whatsapp and we will send you more information.

Our Plant Therapy images are being stolen from our various shopping sites especially recently and these thieves are claiming to be Plant Therapy Authorised Distributors using our images.



Plant Therapy Promotions: T&Cs and FAQs

1) Which Price do our Discount Tiers apply to?
Our Plant Therapy Promotion Discount Tiers apply to Plant Therapy USD$ Retail Prices. This means you will always get a lower price* + Fresh & Free overseas and local shipping!
*Our prices are probably the Lowest anywhere for Plant Therapy Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Accessories

2) What Conversion Rate do we use?
a) *USD$ to SGD$ Conversion Rate: We use a low 1.45 conversion rate. 

3) How are our Orders sent to you?
a) Normal mail for small orders (usually below SGD$20), which we will advise you as "buyer's risk" should Singpost lose your mail

b) Smartpac: Similar to registered mail which has a Tracking Number which will be given to you, but please note that your parcels are placed in your mailbox by Singpost (not doorstep delivery).
So please check your tracking number on Singpost' website and your mailbox before you contact us. 


Please refer to our company's full T&Cs and Policies in detail here.

CLICK HERE to purchase Plant Therapy Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Accessories from

our Shopee Store

Where to get your Plant Therapy Essential Oils immediately.


Group, Special Occasion

or Corporate Gifting Discounts

and Customisations

Plant Therapy Essential Oils are High Quality 100% Pure Essential Oils, which also offers a KidSafe Essential Oil range.

Plant Therapy KidSafe Essential Oils were specially developed with Robert Tisserand, world renowned Aromatherapist, with Essential Oils identified to be safe for children below 10 years old, but highly effective for the entire family as well.  

Our Plant Therapy Singapore Promotions offer possibly the lowest prices, fast & free shipping, fresh & direct from USA, with No minimum purchase required, and no other commitment needed.

 If you need your Essential Oils immediately, you can purchase Plant Therapy Essential Oils and Essential Oil Accessories from us in various ways, or Contact Us if you need assistance or information.

Benefits PTPO

I need my Essential Oils now:
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