Essential Oil Roller Bottles are a must-have and perfect for Essential Oil Dilution to apply your Natural Perfumes or Essential Oil Therapy Blends. Most importantly, all 100% Pure Essential Oils must be diluted in Carrier Oils before Topical Application. Essential Oils used in Essential Oil Diffusers or Aromatherapy Inhalers should NOT be diluted.


Please click on the links here to understand Why all 100% Pure Essential Oils must be diluted before using on any parts of our body or face directly. A good understanding of Essential Oil Safety Guidelines can also be found here, and 16 Essential Oil Safety Guidelines for most common situations and conditions including questions on use of Essential Oils with Children and the Elderly, during Pregnancy and Nursing, when we have Pets around, and more.


Our 10ML Roller Bottles are: 

  • Beautiful Jewel-toned
  • High Quality Thick Frosted Glass
  • Stainless Steel Ball
  • 10ML Roller Bottle 
  • Select from 6 different colours
  • Price is for THREE Roller Bottles (any colour combination)



1) Plastic Pipette 3ML x2 pieces


2) Universal Key Essential Oil and Roller Bottle Opener (Dark Blue Only)

  • Material: Hard Plastic
  • The perfect tool to help you pry off the orifice reducer insert and press on your roller bottle caps onto your essential oil bottles - works on most bottles. Fits the 5ML and 10ML bottles we sell.
  • Size: 80*40*2mm

Essential Oil Roller Bottles 10ML

Optional Add-Ons
    • Total Height including Cap: 9cm
    • Circumference: 7cm
    • Diameter: 1.7cm

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