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The Most Popular Essential Oils our Customers Buy and the Essential Oils we most Recommend ;)

We have been through a more than a year's journey with our exclusive whatsapp customer group and we noticed something really interesting recently. Many of these customers started off with the more "common" or popular Essential Oils - Lavender, Peppermint, and the Plant Therapy KidSafe Synergy range, especially Calming the Child, Germ Destroyer, Immune Boom, Sniffle Stopper, Nighty Night, and A+ Attention (now re-labeled as Study Time). Most of you will recognise these 6 KidSafe Synergies as part of the extremely popular Plant Therapy KidSafe Starter Set.

In recent months, we have found it very interesting to observe our customers becoming more "adventurous" in their choice of Essential Oils.

Apart from some of the well-known Essential Oils such as Frankincense, Geranium, Citronella, customers are also ordering Myrrh, Vanilla Botanical Extract, Buddha Wood, KidSafe Hocus Focus, Happy Place, and more!

What is most gratifying for us is the learning journey that our customers appear to have taken.

More than one Essential Oil can address similar needs. But one Essential Oil may work great for one person and not so much for another. Or the scent may not be appealing. Also, most people tend to stick to "safer" choices, but trying different Essential Oils can actually be very beneficial to learning and finding out which one may work best for a condition particular to you as an individual.

For instance, Respir Aid is an excellent Essential Oil for various respiratory related issues, but Cypress, Rosalina, for instance are also great Essential Oils for this purpose.

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So, what about people who are just starting out on Essential Oils, or who want to have a basic range for daily or common needs? And yes, it can be quite overwhelming faced with so many Essential Oils to choose from. So we have a simple list to start you off with, which should be helpful and useful from a broad spectrum perspective.

The Top 5 Most Essential Oils We think Everyone should have:

  1. Lavender: skin care, beauty, relaxation, sleep, anxious feelings, bug bites, astringent

  2. Lemon: refreshing, energizing, purifying, cleaning, mood boosting, lymphatic drainage

  3. Frankincense: heal and repair, anti-aging, grounding oil, skin care, sedative, wound healing, immune support

  4. Peppermint: headache relief, focus, high energy, calm gut inflammation, digestive support, respiratory support

  5. Tension or Rapid Relief Synergy: joint support, headache relief, muscle tension, pain relief


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