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Make your Essential Oil Roller Blends - they are Perfect for...Almost Anything, Anywhere...

What are the Advantages of Essential Oil Blends?

1) Super convenient to bring around

2) Easy to use and no worries of spills

3) Perfect for applying just the right amount of Essential Oil

4) Multi-purpose: great as an Aromatherapy Inhaler (we love this in particular!) 5) Refillable, which means it is totally eco-friendly

Most of all, you can get create many different blends to suit your purpose!

Essential Oil Blends in Rollers for Headaches, Skin Lightening. Creative Essential Oil Blend for Kids - Make your own pretty Essential Oil Label
Creative Essential Oil Blends Perfect for Gifts

How to Create Roller Bottle Blends?

1) First of all, decide the purpose of your Essential Oil, and most importantly who it will be used by.

2) Then determine the Essential Oils you have at hand - making Essential Oil blends does not mean you have to run out and spend a ton of money on a whole bunch of Essential Oils.

Many Essential Oils have the same properties, although they may work differently, or have a different composition of purposes. For instance, a recipe may call for Ho Wood as a relaxation component in your Essential Oil blend. But most Essential Oil users are more likely to have Lavender than Ho Wood at hand. Use Lavender by all means!

Here is really excellent Essential Oil substitution chart by Plant Therapy that you can download for your ease of reference. It lists the Essential Oils that can be used for the same condition. It's by no means exhaustive, but it is certainly more than comprehensive.

Download PDF • 375KB

Or if you really need to get some Essential Oils, leverage our Plant Therapy Monthly Pre-Order Promotion to get (possibly the lowest!) price for the freshest direct (and free!) shipping from USA.

3) And now you need to have the following materials:

  • Essential Oil Roller Bottle - these usually come in 10ml.

  • Carrier Oil - this can depend on your purpose, but the safest option is Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil which is probably the most commonly used. But if you have a specific purpose such as making an Anti-aging Essential Oil blend, then you may want to consider Jojoba or Argan for instance. You can learn all about the different types of Carrier Oils that Plant Therapy carries here.

  • Roller Bottle Opener - if you have a problem with removing roller bottle balls (long or sensitive nails), these Universal Openers will be perfect for you!

  • Labels - It would definitely a good idea to label your Essential Oil Roller Bottles as you start your blending journey. You can make pretty stickers on your computer, or simply tape a label to your bottles to help you remember the blend, Essential Oils used, date created, etc.

Types of Essential Roller Bottles

Most Roller Bottles come in Amber or Cobalt Blue Glass, and in 10ml.

But as with most things, not all are equal. We would recommend getting the ones which are made of thick glass and come with steel or glass roller balls (plastic is a no no!).

We carry amber glass as well as this range of gorgeous frosted colour glass Roller Bottles - tried and tested by us. Note: dark glass bottles are highly recommended for Essential Oils, pure or diluted to protect them from direct sunlight in particular. These glass bottles work well as they are also frosted. In any case, it is always smart to keep your Essential Oils away from heat or direct sunlight.

Essential Oil Roller Bottles in gorgeous jewel colored frosted glass and steel roller balls, perfect for Essential Oil blends
Gorgeous Frosted Glass Essential Oil Roller Bottles

So, now that you have everything ready, what do you do?

Essential Oil Love
Love your Essential Oils

Learn how to Dilute Essential Oils

- it's Super Easy!

We have seen many people get so utterly confused about Essential Oil percentages. And others get really nervo

us about the percentages and fearing that they are getting it all wrong.

1) This is where we have simplified the Dilution Formula for you.

2) Alternatively, since we are talking about 10ml Roller Bottles here, then generally the formula of Average Dilution rates can be quite safely* used as follows:

a) Kids 2 - 10 Years old 1% Dilution: 3 drops of Essential Oil per 10ml Carrier Oil

b) Kids > 10 Years old to Adults 3% Dilution: 9 drops Essential Oil per 10ml Carrier Oil

What to use for babies and toddlers below 2 years old? There are some ways to do this:

i) Dilute as above using (a) and apply the blend to yourself. Snuggle your baby so that s/he can inhale the Essential Oil from your body.

ii) 0.25% Dilution: ~1 drop of Essential Oil per 30ml Carrier Oil

iii) Refer to the Essential Oil Dilution chart below by the Tisserand Institute which is highly detailed.

Essential Oil Dilution chart by age
Essential Oil Dilution Chart Robert Tisserand, Tisserand Institute

*Please test for reactions or allergies on a small part of the elbow before wider application.

*For medical conditions/pregnant/nursing, you must consult your medical practitioner before use of anything other than medically prescribed.

*Never use undiluted Essential Oils directly on the skin

This Essential Oil Dilution Chart is attributed to Robert Tisserand, Tisserand Institute.


Finally, what Essential Oil Blends can you create?

Essential Oil Blend Recipes - Perfect for your Roller Bottles

There are many sites that offer recipes for different purposes, but you can just go here for a ton of DIY recipes by Plant Therapy. We have extracted a Customers' favourite Roller Bottle recipe below.


Fountain of Youth Facial Serum

Plant Therapy Fountain of Youth Serum Essential Oil Blend
Plant Therapy Fountain of Youth Serum Essential Oil Blend


Frankincense Frereana (you can substitute with Frankincense Carterii): 2 drops

Carrot Seed: 1 drop

Ylang Ylang Complete or Extra: 1 drop


Jojoba Meadowfoam

(jojoba and meadowfoam are excellent oils for anti-aging and moisturizing skin, but you can substitute your Carrier Oils with any good quality ones that you may have at hand)

Beautiful skin
Beauty is more than skin deep, but it still pays to take good care of our skin. It's the only one we have :)


1) Drip your Essential Oil drops into your

Roller Bottle

2) Fill the Roller Bottle about 3/4 way with Jojoba, and top up with Meadowfoam

3) Cap your bottle, and shake the bottle gently to swirl the oils to mix thoroughly

Voila! Massage your Fountain of Youth Essential Oil Blend

onto your cleansed face!

Tip 1: Essential Oil blends for face should generally use 1% Dilution, as the Fountain of Youth Serum formula does.

Tip 2: Alternate/Rotate the Essential Oil blend that you apply daily to your face once a month so to minimise the possibility of developing a sensitivity to the oils.

Our Purpose at Sage Essentials is to provide everyone access to the wonderful benefits of Nature in Essential Oils. And we make our Essential Oils as affordable and simple to purchase as possible.


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