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How to use Essential Oils Safely on Children?

Seen recently on a local Facebook "Plant Therapy" group chat, with a dilution chart attached:


Q1: "Germ destroyer how do u dilute it for use?"

A1: "For kids (depending on age), can dilute to 3-8%... For adults, can be 10% or more.."

Essential Oil Dilution Chart
How to dilute essential oils correctly and safely

Q1: "Thanks!"

A2: "1 drop of eo to 50 cent coin size of carrier oil. Rub to dilute before applying on the body"


There is actually nothing wrong with the #essentialoildilutionchart above. What's wrong really is the (erroneous) interpretation of the chart and the casual attitude in dispensing and accepting advice on the use of essential oils without doing some due diligence and homework, and relying with blind faith on forum discussions not moderated by a professional).

  • 3% or less #essentialoildilution for children below 10 years old

  • 0.5% to 1% for for 3 - 24 month old (with caution)

  • a "Less is More" approach, especially for children

  • 10% or more is not a common dilution rate, and usually if used at all are by professionals who know what they are doing on an educated level

Check #planttherapy #germdestroyer bottle instructions: 1 - 3% #dilution for topical application.

How to read Essential Oil Dilution Charts? Find it here.

This is not just about #germdestroyer #essentialoil per se. With any #essentialoil, especially when used with #children, there are #essentialoilsafetyguidelines that we must err on the side of caution.

Take a look at the article on #dilutioncharts to learn how to read #essentialoildilutioncharts, and #useessentialoilssafely.

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