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Studying and working with teachers from all parts of the world, CiCi includes in her formal studies her attunement to Reiki by her German Reiki teacher in London, is certified in Yoga Massage by the famous Wat Po Temple in Thailand, is a dedicated practitioner of Ashtanga, Hatha & Yin Yoga, and has taught thousands of Yoga classes over her 15 year span as a Yoga Teacher.

In her capacity as a Certified Aromatherapist, CiCi creates our unique Essential Oil Synergy Blends and Natural Perfumes under our Sage Beautiful, Sage Divine, Sage Mantra and Sage Therapy labels. CiCi is a strong advocate of using Essential Oils safely, and our entire team subscribes to the same consistent philosophy in working with the highest Quality products and ingredients, upholding our strict standards of what we deliver ultimately to our Customers.




Sage Beautiful, Sage Divine, Sage Mantra and Sage Therapy were inspired by the years of experience we have had with so many Customers and their unique needs and concerns.  Many of our Customers have enlisted CiCi's knowledge and experience as an Aromatherapist, which is also greatly enhanced by her Yoga experience, in creating Customised Essential Oil Synergy Blends for specific conditions and purposes for both themselves as well as for their children. We constantly get highly positive and glowing feedback as a testament of the effectiveness of our Essential Oil creations - what's most important to us is how happy our Customers are when pains and concerns are addressed.

We are constantly working on our unique Essential Oil creations and providing information about Essential Oils: Subscribe for updates or Learn about Essential Oils.


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