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Can Essential Oils help with Headaches?

What's so amazing about Essential Oils is that there is almost at least one Essential Oil for almost every of the more common conditions. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why Essential Oils are not known specifically for more serious conditions is because there just hadn't been enough scientific (and financial) investment in the study and research of Essential Oils (as there is for other medical drugs).

Sometimes we are still surprised by the number of people who contact us about their headache issues. Headaches seem to be an increasing problem, but in a way, that's not surprising considering that headaches can be triggered by so many different reasons, many of which are found as a result of day to day living. Headaches are categorised by the medical field into several main types that include migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, etc. In fact a check online shows sites listing 10 types of headaches, 17 types of headaches, breaking headaches down to causes and reasons at a more specific level.

Our lifestyle and the nature of the world we live in today is a significant contributor to the growing occurrence of aches and pains, in our opinion. Headaches don't just stem from issues around the head region but also can work its way up from the rest of the body. This can include digestive issues, neck and shoulder issues, poor posture, apart from the usual more common culprits of stress, anxiety, tension, worry.

Our Essential Oil Synergy Blend has worked wonders for many of our customers. And the Essential Oils that helps with most headaches include Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender. We like to add Lemon and/or Ginger Root Essential Oil to a blend when digestive issues are involved.

To use Essential Oils for headaches, there are a few effective ways. Inhaling is one of the most convenient ways, especially with the Plant Therapy Aromatherapy Inhaler which is super lightweight and convenient to bring around. 15 drops of Essential Oil or Essential Oil blend will last for a few weeks. Simply add more when the scent starts to fade. If you prefer to apply Essential Oils, then Roller Bottles are excellent. That's our personal favourite. Just add 9 drop of Essential Oils into the Roller bottle filled with Carrier Oil, pop the steel ball top on, and you are good to go. Our recommended application is around the back of the neck, and temples but you do need to be careful to avoid the oils getting into your eyes.

Lastly, diffuse your Essential Oils in an Essential Oil Diffuser. Plant Therapy has a few different types of Essential Oil Diffusers, which all come with intermittent diffusion.

The method used is based on preference, although not all methods work for different conditions. We will be talking about the different methods of Essential Oils that work best for different conditions. Subscribe to get updates as we delve into the world of Essential Oils. Or drop us a line if you have questions, our Aromatherapist is available for consultations.


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