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What are the different Types of Essential Oil Diffusers?

There are 4 Different Types of Essential Oil Diffusers​, and they are Nebulizing, Ultrasonic, Heat and Evaporative.

How do I choose from the Different Types of Essential Oil Diffusers?

Each of the 4 types of Essential Oil Diffusers diffuse Essential Oils with a different method. Choosing the type of Essential Oil Diffuser that is best for you will depend on several different factors.


Below, we have created a clear and simple Essential Oil Diffuser Comparison Chart that provides you with an understanding of how Essential Oils are diffused, the effect of each diffusion method, and most importantly the Pros and Cons of each Essential oil Diffuser type.


Our Essential Oil Diffuser Comparison Chart below summarizes how each Diffuser type works, and how the Chemical and Scent compositions of the Essential Oils are released into the air. This a very critical, and the most fundamental, purpose of Essential Oil Diffusers that we would consider as being therapeutically effective, or otherwise.


If, however, the main objective is just for the scent of Essential Oils alone, any of the Diffusers would work quite well - the exception is diffusion by heat where this will then depend on different diffusers and the in-built temperature for dispersing the Essential Oils. High heat levels do not just break Essential Oils down, but can change or damage the constituents of Essential Oils. 


Red stars: indicate the what we consider as highly likely to be deal-breakers. Whilst Essential Oil Nebulizing Diffusers do have some truly outstanding features and benefits that outweigh that of all the other types of Essential Oil Diffusers, some of the disadvantages of Essential Oil Nebulizing Diffusers may be real deal-breakers for some. This is perhaps why Ultrasonic Diffusers are still by far the most popular and commonly used Essential Oil Diffusers. 


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Diffuser Comparison Chart
Pros and Cons by Diffuser Type

How long can an Essential Oil Diffuser be used for?

Most Essential Oil Diffusers, if used and cared for properly, should last for many years without significant issues. This is why it is important to make an informed decision on the Essential Oil Diffuser that you are set on purchasing.


Having said that, it is also possible that your needs may change over time, and you may prefer a different type of Essential Oil Diffuser. But any good working Essential Oil Diffuser will never be wasted, as most Essential oil Diffusers are relatively portable, convenient and easy to use.

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