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Top Essential Oils for Healthy Hair

What are the best Essential Oils to achieve healthy hair?

Hair is described as our "crowning glory" for quite a few good reasons. Apart from our face, hair is one of the first things that people tend to notice about us, and hence contribute to the first impression we give to others.

Different hairstyles give us different looks and can play a part in determining how people perceive us, interact with us, and even treat us. Hence for some people, our hairstylists are our "best friends"!

Maintaining a healthy head of hair is hence important not just for fashion or style, but for many people has a significant impact on our self-confidence.

Essential Oils are wonderful to help with a range of possible problems that we may have with our hair. Even if you have healthy hair, a good maintenance approach will help to ensure that when other factors come into play, our hair has a strong foundation to weather these issues better. The health of our hair can be impacted by aging, changes to hormones, lifestyles, food and other factors.

Essential Oils for Maintaining Your Healthy Hair

1) Rosemary Essential Oil is our go-to Essential Oil for both maintenance of healthy hair, as well as various problems with hair and scalp. Rosemary is a wonderful herb that has a strong aroma that is fresh and herbal, and mildly woody. As a herb, it is used in foods especially in certain meat dishes to balance the meaty taste and smell.


So how does Rosemary Essential Oil help with hair? Most importantly, this Essential Oil helps to increase cellular metabolism, which helps to heal and stimulate the scalp. This is in turn helps to

1) treat dandruff

2) dry scalp

3) slow down hair graying

4) stimulate hair growth

Rosemary Essential Oil is hence great to include in your regular hair regimes even when you are young with healthy hair.

How to use Rosemary Essential Oil for your Hair

The simplest and fuss-free way to use Rosemary Essential Oil is to dilute it in a base before you apply it on your hair.

Simple Recipe for using Rosemary Essential Oil to Maintain your Healthy Hair

1) Add ~6 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil per 10ml Shampoo. A regular bottle of 4oz shampoo is about 112m. This equates to 60 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil. Shake the bottle well, and before each use, to ensure that the Essential Oil is well diluted in the shampoo.

Caution: do not use Essential Oils undiluted directly on any part of the face and body.

Simple Recipe for using Rosemary Essential Oil to Help with Hair Problems

1) Add ~12 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil per 10ml of Carrier Oil. Use a few drops of the pre-diluted blend and gently massage into your scalp for a minute. Leave the blend for 2 - 3 hours - you can cover your head with a towel to keep your scalp warmer that may help the treatment further if convenient. Shampoo as usual thereafter.

Recommendation: where possible, use a mild, unscented shampoo if you have scalp or hair issues, and for adding Essential Oils to.

2) Peppermint Essential Oil


Peppermint is one of the most popular Essential Oils, and a great favourite to use in many different ways.

With its strong, invigorating cooling scent, Peppermint Essential Oil is excellent for reducing inflammation, uplifting and boosting moods, and energizing.

At the same time, because of its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, In research, Peppermint Essential Oil has demonstrated good effectiveness in healing and stimulating the scalp by increasing dermal thickness and the number of follicles as well as the depth of hair follicles. What this means is that hair is in turn encouraged and stimulated to grow, to grow more, and become thicker.

How to use Peppermint Essential Oil for your Hair

Similar to Rosemary Essential Oil, you can simply add Peppermint Essential Oil to your shampoo or conditioner. The added benefit is the invigorating effect of that the scent will have on your senses, and the cooling tingling of peppermint on your scalp is a great wake-me-up in the mornings or after a long day at work!

Simple Recipe for using Peppermint Essential Oil to Maintain your Healthy Hair or Stimulate Hair Growth

1) Add ~9 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil

per 10ml Shampoo. A regular bottle of 4oz shampoo is about 112m. This equates to 90 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil. Shake the bottle well, and before each use, to ensure that the Essential Oil is well diluted in the shampoo.

Caution: do not use Essential Oils undiluted directly on any part of the face and body.


There are actually quite a few more Essential Oils that are great for helping to keep our hair healthy or treat hair and scalp issues. These include Clary Sage, Lavender, Thyme, and Carrot Seed.

But there is no one size fits all as hair conditions and problems can arise from different factors. Additionally, even with the same hair issue, a particular Essential Oil may work quickly and effectively for one person, but not for another. Some people may also find that an Essential Oil synergy works better for them, where their hair or scalp problem requires the properties of different Essential Oils to work synergistically to address.

For instance, a female client consulted our Certified Aromatherapist for her hair loss problem which had been persistent for over 2 years, occurring after she had given birth. According to her, she had consulted her gynaecologist, who had prescribed her with both vitamin supplements and hormone pills, she had also used a hair restoration serum from another essential oil brand, and tried various brands of shampoos for hair loss to no avail.

Our Aromatherapist formulated 2 Essential Oil synergies customised for her problem, where one synergy was to be used in her shampoo and the other in a conditioner. She was also advised to take biotin at the same time, a readily available vitamin supplement that is formulated for hair, skin and nails.

Within 2 weeks, our client ecstatically informed us that she had new baby hair growing on her hair loss areas, her hair overall was thicker, with the added benefit of her hair also becoming more manageable where it previously tended to be frizzy.

Does it work for every single person? We think such an approach will work for about 80% of people, with the provision that there are no other more deep-rooted medical conditions, in such cases where we will neither be able to address nor even attempt to from an ethical perspective.

For general hair loss or thinning issues, our Aromatherapist has formulated 2 synergies, one for adding to shampoo and the other to the conditioner which is used as a serum for direct application to the scalp as well. Our Sage Beautiful Hair Abundant Synergy comprises several different Essential Oils and Carrier Oils that includes Rosemary 1,8-Cineole, Clary Sage, Lavender, Carrot Seed and more, targeted to clean, heal and stimulate the scalp, nourish the hair follicles, in all promoting hair growth and strengthening existing hair - and the ultimate result would be thicker, stronger, shinier and healthier hair.

One 10ml of our Sage Beautiful Hair Abundant Synergy can be used for about 650ml of Shampoo.

Did you know that we use about 10ml of shampoo per wash?


That also means that it costs only about $0.60 worth of Abundant Hair Essential Oil Synergy per shampoo :) In line with our mission of bringing Super High Quality yet affordable Pure & Natural products to our Customers always!


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