Hair loss is one of the most traumatic experiences for most people, male or female. It can be caused by many different reasons, and sometimes it is difficult to pin down the causes. Loss of hair can be due to hormonal changes, diet, allergies, medications, and more. 


Our Hair Abundant 100% Pure Essential Oil Synergy Blend has been tried and tested by many of our Customers and the feedback has been absolutely positive. In fact, one of our Customers who has tried to remedy her hair loss for over 2 years, had baby hair growing only 2 days after she started using our Hair Abundant for Shampoo Essential Oil Synergy and Hair Abundant Conditioner. That's pretty amazing testimonial to the effectiveness behind the customised Essential Oil Therapy blends created by our Aromatherapist CiCi.




Hair Abundant for Shampoo Essential Oil Synergy Blend

  • Contains 100% Pure Essential Oils including the following:

    • Rosemary 1,8 Cineole
    • Clary Sage
    • Carrot Seed
    • Lavender
    • and more.

    Synergised in a rich and luxurious blend of Jojoba and Evening Primrose Oils.

    Our Essential Oil Therapy Blends are specially created by us, and our formula is proprietary to us. 

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