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Diffusing Essential Oils: Active or Passive?

Just like restaurant menus, the use of Essential Oils can sometimes be quite overwhelming.

Which it needn't be!

The idea of using Essential Oils is to generate positive outcomes - much like visiting restaurants for a meal actually. So it is all about focusing on what you need, or want to achieve positively.

Diffusing Essential Oils is simplicity itself in many ways.

Firstly, the types of Essential Oil Diffusers. We are going to be talking about Plant Therapy Diffusers only, so that's keeping it pretty much as straightforward as we can get.

Active Diffusers are the electricity run types and at Plant Therapy, we have the Aroma Fuse, Nova Fuse, Ultra Fuse and Forest Friends. How do they work? All Plant Therapy Essential Oil Diffusers are called Ultrasonic Diffusers: this simple table explains the differences. Briefly, Aroma and Ultra Fuse Diffusers each covers a maximum approximate space of 598sqft, Nova Fuse 269sqft and Forest Friends 484sqft. So it's really about the the size of the space you want to diffuse to.

This photo features the most popular Plant Therapy Aroma Fuse Diffuser.

And all Plant Therapy Diffusers come with a timer - which we recommend to be highly essential of any diffuser you decide to purchase. This is because we do not recommend diffusing Essential Oils over an extended period time (such as the entire day). It is quite like breathing in something continuously endlessly - and even beneficial though Essential Oils are, their potency is not appropriate for prolonged exposure. Intermittent diffusing is best.

Plant Therapy has just released the Lotus Passive Diffuser. Passive Diffusers are generally meant for small enclosed spaces. This beautiful Lotus Diffuser measures about 10cm in diameter and the beech wood base about 13cm. The size alone would tell us that any diffusion is not going much of an area. We tested this in our bathroom, and I must say it works great.

The way you want to get this Passive Diffuser to work for you is this:

1) Drip about 10 drops (15 if you like your scents stronger) onto the Lotus.

2) Put it back into the box and leave it for a few hours. This helps the clay absorb the Essential Oil and concentrate the scent.

3) Then place the Lotus in your space.

Actually, we didn't even do the above steps in the test, and we used Orange and Lemon. Citrus scents tend to disperse faster, but the scent in our bathroom lasted for at least a day.

This Lotus passive diffuser is excellent value for money at only USD12.95. Get it through us at only SGD18 during our Monthly Pre-Order Promotion - it's on now by the way, until 07 September. We were pretty amazed - our Whatsapp update received instant inquiries and orders within minutes. It is a beautiful piece :)

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