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As with anything we use on or in our bodies, there are some basic cautions that we should observe when we use Essential Oils too. Good Quality Pure Essential Oils are one of the greatest gifts from Nature: they smell truly wonderful, and have tremendous benefits when used correctly. 

Essential Oil Safety Guidelines are not meant to scare you with dire warnings, but are largely based on exercising common sense when utilising something as highly concentrated and potent as Essential Oils are. If you want to understand more about Essential Oils, click here for the History of Essential Oils. 

Use Essential Oils Safely | Why We Need to Use Essential Oils with Care

Pure Essential Oils

contain highly potent and concentrated extracts of the herb, flower, plant or fruit, which have tremendous benefits when used wisely, but never meant to be applied neat (undiluted) or ingested (consumed).

Despite the Essential Oil Safety Guidelines looking like a long list, using Essential Oils is actually on the whole fairly simple. The problem arises when we think that Essential Oils are harmless because they are natural, or because we have used them for a long time and we neglect safety measures. 

Just as we would not drink a concentrated bottle of juice straight up, and more so we certainly would not let children drink it, the same concept applies to Essential Oils. The original idea of Essential Oils was never meant for ingestion. Inhaling an Essential Oil scent could be safe, but highly dangerous when consumed. Just like medicated ointments - they perform their treatment well when applied, but can cause dangerous issues when consumed.


Learn how to use Essential Oils Safely for children, yourself and those around you

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Pure Essential Oils

should always be diluted in a carrier oil before topical application. Check the instructions from the website where you purchased your Essential Oil from or the Essential Oil bottle for dilution instructions.

The potency of Essential Oils is such that undiluted Essential Oils can eat through ordinary plastic, except HDPE grade plastic (very high quality plastic with stronger bonds than most normal grade plastic). There are increasing cases of people reporting burns or skin issues from applying Essential Oils neat. So imagine what can potentially happen when Essential Oils are ingested. Adding Essential Oil drops to water does not dilute Essential Oils since they cannot dissolve in water. 


      Click here to read this report which is just one example of the misuse of Essential Oils. 

Plant Therapy KidSafe 

means that the Essential Oils have been tested for potential adverse effects on children below 10 years old, and found to be safe. This does not mean, however, that KidSafe Essential Oils can be used neat on kids, or anyone else.

Click here for Plant Therapy KidSafe Essential Oils

Click here for 16 Safety Precautions when using Essential Oils

Simple and easy to implement, and will make your use of Essential Oils a lot more enjoyable and beneficial.


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