Super Cute Tiny Cork Glass Bottle 0.5ML.

0.5ML = 10 Drops of Essential Oils that you can fill these bottles with.


What can you use these Tiny Cork Bottles for?


  • Personal Inhalers: fill these Cork Bottles with 0.5ML of your favourite Plant Therapy or Sage Essentials Essential Oil Singles or Synergy Blends. Cork it tightly and bring this in your purse - extremely useful for a quick whiff when you need an "Energy Boost" or an instant "Chill Pill".
  • Energy Boost: try a Citrus Essential Oil such as Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Lime or Bergamot. Mix with Peppermint Essential Oil.
  • Chill Pill: try Plant Therapy Tranquil, Relax, or Plant Therapy KidSafe Calming the Child Synergies; alternatively try Sage Essentials Calm & Chill Essential Oil Synergy Blend or request for a Customised Essential Oil Synergy Blend.
  • This is a great way to DIY Essential Oil Blends with very little wastage too! Try the many different Essential Oils that are available from Plant Therapy or Sage Essentials and make your own Essential Oil Blends for either Therapy or as a Natural Perfume.



1) 0.2ML Plastic Disposable Pipette

2) 0.4 x 0.9CM Mini Eye Screw Hooks - use these to easily insert into the cork, and wear or hang these cork bottles for its scent. To insert into cork, point the tip at the centre of the cork and twist gently in a clockwise motion until screw hook is inserted.






    Cork Glass Bottles 0.5ML

    Optional Add-Ons
      • Made of Glass
      • Size: ~1.1cm Height * ~0.6cm Diameter
      • Comes with a Cork

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