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Which Frankincense Essential Oil Should I Choose?

Frankincense Serrata, Frankincense Carterii or Frankincense Frereana? Plant Therapy also has Fantastic Franks, which is a blend of all the 3 Frankincense Essential Oils.

We take a look at the properties of each of the Frankincense Essential Oil, on how they are similar and different to each other.

Overall, all the varieties of Frankincense smell somewhat smoky - and extremely nice! There is a mild difference in scent on qualities such as greenness, sweetness, among them. All of them are also excellent for skincare, and for bruises and swelling.

Frankincense Carterii

The scent of Frankincense Carterii is slightly green, herbal and lemony.


But like all the other Frankincense varieties - Frankincense Frereana and Frankincense Serrate - Carterii is excellent for relaxing and getting into a better state of mind.


Specifically, Frankincense Carterii is excellent for diffusing during meditation, or diluting it in Carrier Oils or Body Butters and Cremes for making natural Face Serums and overall skin health.


Frankincense Frereana

Frankincense Frereana has a fresher and woodier scent.


It has all the other properties of the other Frankincense varieties and like Frankincense Carterii is KidSafe.


We love Frankincense Frereana for the skin, where in particular, it is great for anti-aging. 


Frankincense Frereana is more expensive than Frankincense Carterii and Serrata. Hence we prefer to use it diluted in Carrier Oils or you can add it to your skincare products such as your moisturizer to help with wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin issues.


Frankincense Serrata

Frankincense Serrata is the only Plant Therapy Frankincense variety that is not KidSafe.


Serrata's scent is more earthy, whereas Carterii and Frereana are have tinges of a lemony scent.

Frankincense Serrata has all the other properties of the other two Frankincense Essential Oils, but is priced very affordably at Plant Therapy.


So if you are a fan of Frankincense, Serrata is excellent for regular Diffusion.

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