The fragrant herb Basil is best known as one of the most versatile herbs to use in Mediterranean and Eastern cooking. With a sweet, herbaceous scent Basil Linalool Essential Oil is one of the finest oils available for calming and focusing the mind. It is also useful for easing tension and feelings of pain in the head and neck.


Basil Essential Oil is well-loved as a mind-clearing oil for spiritual meditation. Due to the high linalool content (which makes this oil very relaxing), you can also use Basil to help ease the transition into bedtime.


Basil Essential Oil also can help uplift your mood, and soothe the mind. To learn more about our Basil Linalool's uses and benefits, check out our Basil Linalool Essential Oil spotlight blog post!

Basil Linalool Essential Oil

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  • Botanical Name:

    Ocimum basilicum

    Country of Origin:

    Egypt, Hungary

    Extraction Method:

    Steam Distilled

    Plant Part:


    Strength of Aroma:


    Aromatic Scent:

    A sweet, fresh, green scent with a balsamic undertone

    Blends Well With:

    Cedarwood Himalayan, Bergamot, Clary sage, Grapefruit Pink, Lime, Neroli and Sandalwood Australian




    Use topically at a maximum of 3.3%

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