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Essential Oil Therapy Consultation


Online Personalised Consultation


20 min | SGD 45

Essential Oil Therapy Consultations are conducted by CiCi, Certified Aromatherapist who has years of successful experience in her knowledge and application of Essential Oils for the purpose of Therapy and Natural Perfumery.


All information you provide is completely confidential between CiCi and you, and any questions she may ask are for the sole purpose of determining your needs.


The end result of your consultation with CiCi will be her recommendation of Essential Oils, and the methods of application that she deems best suited for you, taking into consideration any preferences or limitations that you may have.


We highly recommend an open discussion with CiCi so that you will benefit the most from your time with her.


The Essential Oil recommendations that CiCi may make will be debited from the $25 credit* that you receive from your Consultation fees. Recommendations may include an existing Plant Therapy Essential Oil(s) and/or a customised Essential Oil Synergy Blend created by CiCi solely for you.