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Plant Therapy Essential Oils by Condition and Purpose

There are over a hundred different types of Essential Oils - and these are considered the more "common" ones! Some Essential Oils appear to have similar properties, and this makes it a little difficult or confusing to choose which may suit our condition or purpose best.

We take the guessing out of this - below are the common issues or ailments that we usually reach out to Essential Oils for. And each is linked directly to Plant Therapy where you can access all the Essential Oil information. 

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Stress, Anxiety, Worry,
Inability to Focus 

Woman in Pain

Essential Oils for Digestive Issues


Essential Oils for Sniffles, Sneezes, Congestion

Art Class

KidSafe Essential Oils for Common Kids' Ailments

Modelling Body Lotion

Essential Oils for Skin Allergies, Sniffles & Seasonal

Baby Sleeping

Problems Sleeping

and Relaxing

Woman with Hand on Face

Essential Oils for Enhancing & Caring for the Skin


Essential Oils for Down, Depressed, Low, Uneasy Moods

Two Women

Essential Oils Specifically for Females

Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Motion Sickness


Pain and Headaches

brown hair flowing

Essential Oils for Hair Loss and other Issues

Beach Fun

Essential For Fatigue, Lack of Focus, Lack of Motivation

Yoga Pose

Essential Oils for Wellness & Workouts


Essential Oils deemed Safe for Pregnancy

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