Grounded Calm 100% Pure Essential Oil Synergy Blend is specially formulated to Calm and Steady the mind and heart. Stress, Anxiety, Irritability, Frustration are manifestations of negative reactions to external or internal stimulus that we find difficulty in coping with or managing at times. Grounded helps to strengthen our resistance against these things that upset or unbalance us mentally or emotionally, restores our equanimty and settles us down. and support restoring an overall positive feeling of well-being too.


Grounded Calm is also formulated to be Safe for Children >3 Years Old, and has been used with a good degree of success by some of our Customers who have Children with Mild Autism symptoms. 


Sleepyhead Zzz Essential Oil Synergy Blend

  • Contains 100% Pure, undiluted Essential Oils: Bergamot, Patchouli, Sweet Orange, Grapefruit Pink. Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Vetiver

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