Please see individual Aromatherapy Accessory Listings for details and for purchase. This listing is only a showcase of various Aromatherapy Accessories available.


At Sage Essentials, we curate a range of High Quality Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Accessories that we have tried and tested on our own, are useful and practical, and looks great, to support our Customers in their Essential Oil journey.


Essential Oil Accessories range from Essential Oil Diffusers, Aromatherapy Inhalers, to Essential Oil Roller Bottles and even Bottle Openers.

    Sage Essentials Aromatherapy Accessories

    • We regret that we are unable to accept returns, for various reasons including a main concern on safety and hygiene. Once payment is made for an order, the sales is considered final.

      However, our primary approach is the cultivation of mutual trust and assurance between our customers and ourselves, and we would like to hear from you if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase. We will certainly make every attempt to address your concerns within any reasonable means possible to us. 

      It is our main mission to ensure that our Customers get the Authenticity and Quality of every item they purchase from us, and we are always working towards being even better than best.  

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