Sage Beautiful Lighten is formulated with some of the most precious Essential Oils including Rose Otto and Sandalwood to help lighten and brighten skin. This is  with especial attention to dark spots or areas that are uneven in tone. Lighten can be used focusing on specific areas of concern, or all over the face.


Dark spots or patches of darker skin, uneven tone, can be caused by different factors, including hormonal imbalance, aging, or chemicals from certain skin products. This is one of the more challenging concerns to address, and we recommend regular use and patience to attain results. 

Lighten Essential Oil Synergy Blend

  • Contains 8 x 100% Pure Essential Oils including Rose Otto, Sandalwood blended into Grapeseed and Fractionated Coconut Oils.

    Due to our blends being copied, we do not list all Essential Oils in our blends - these will be indicated in detail on Essential Oil bottles purchased.

    All our Essential Oils are 100% Pure, sourced from reliable sources, with GC/MS 3rd Party Testing Reports.

    Sage Essentials Synergies and Blends are specially created by us, and our formula is proprietary to us. 

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