Plant Therapy Promotions 2020

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Where to get possibly the lowest priced Plant Therapy Essential Oils? Here, right here :)

How come our Plant Therapy prices are so low? A first-time Customer stated in her feedback that she doubted the authenticity of our Plant Therapy products because they are priced so much lower than the Plant Therapy website.

We know. There are other Singapore sites that sell higher than Plant Therapy USA, and some even sell much, much higher! We sell lower.

How do we do that? Why? We are the Authorised Distributor and sure, we can sell higher, especially when Customers are buying below USD$50 (approx SGD$65) - that is the minimum on Plant Therapy's website to get free International Shipping.

But we choose not to. We make a conscious choice to ensure that our Customers get a great quality product like Plant Therapy at great prices - for various reasons.

One of them is our philosophy about Health: everyone deserves to have Great Health, but not at exorbitant prices that borders on exploitative. We are also advocates of more Natural less Chemicals, and this is our way of supporting our Customers to work towards a Naturally Healthier way of life.

Each month, from 01 of the month for about 1 week, Customers can order anything they want from Plant Therapy and get up to 20% off Plant Therapy website retail prices + No overseas shipping charges + Free local mail.

How awesome is that?

And at anytime, Customers can get what they need immediately via our in stock Plant Therapy products at our store.

Picture here shows an example of our #planttherapy monthly #preorder #promotion. Customers stock up each month to get the most of the discounts. The best thing to do is really to get friends and family together and consolidate your orders! 20% is really nothing to sniff at right :)

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