How to Order your Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

3 Simple Steps

Who do I contact / Where do I submit my Plant Therapy Order?

You can submit your #planttherapy #essentialoil orders via the following methods

1) Whatsapp 9738 0469

2) Email

3) Chat

What are the Discounts?

When you order #planttherapy #essentialoils through us, you will always get a discount off #planttherapy USD retail price. Yes, always! We carry a range of the most popular #planttherapy #essentialoils in stock at our store, which are discounted.

When you order via our Monthly #PreOrder, your discounts are even better + Free Shipping + ETA 10 days from close of #PreOrder, based on the #discount table below.

How do I Pay?

1) Discounted Total Price will be advised after Order submission

2) We only accept 100% Pre-Payment via Paynow / Paylah / Bank or ATM Transfer

What happens after I have paid?

1) Sit back and wait for your #planttherapy order.

2) ETA within 10 days from close of Promotion period.

That's it!

Anything else I should know?

Terms & Conditions: We keep our T&Cs as simple and clear as possible. Please read.

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