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Plant Therapy KidSafe Synergy Essential Oils are 100% Pure and specially selected with the Safety of Children in mind. Effective for both adults and children, and amazingly effective for the specific issues and ailments each Essential Oil targets at, Plant Therapy KidSafe Synergy Essential Oil range is specially created for ages 2 - 10 years old. 

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The most popular Plant Therapy KidSafe Synergy Essentials with moms are Germ Destroyer, Sniffle Stopper, Immune Boom and Nighty Night. These KidSafe Synergies address some of the most common ailments and issues that children have. There are different ways of getting the best out of Essential Oils and these could be diffusing with an Essential Oil Diffuser, diluting the Essential Oil in Carrier Oil for application, or with a very handy Aromatherapy Inhaler.Calming the Child and A+ Attention are also frequently requested, and Plant Therapy has an excellent Plant Therapy KidSafe Starter Set comprising these 6 KidSafe Essential Oil Synergies.