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Which Plant Therapy Essential Oil should you use? The wonderful thing about Plant Therapy is that it has already demarcated clearly a range of KidSafe Essential Oils which are 100% Pure and specially selected with the Safety of Children in mind, but are completely just as effective for Adults too. KidSafe Essential Oils are specially created for Children age 2 - 10 years old, so you can diffuse these Essential Oils anywhere in your home even where the kids are. Plant Therapy KidSafe Essential Oils come in Single Essential Oils or Synergy Essential Oils.

Can Essential Oils be used for Infants and Toddlers, that is Children under 2 years old? Yes, you can - you just need to use them in ways that are safe for them. Plant Therapy has an excellent Guide to Using Essential Oils Safely for Infants and Toddlers which has information on how to Diffuse Essential Oils, the Essential Oil Dilution Rate to use, which Essential Oils are Safe to use, and more. 

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