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Which is better? Organic Essential Oils or Non-Organic Essential Oils?

We get this question once in a while from our Customers, wondering whether there is a difference between Organic and Non-Organic Essential Oils.

The answer is both yes and no. 

When we are referring to the same Essential Oil, there is no fundamental difference between the Organic and Non-Organic Essential Oil when it comes to its properties, and the basic scent. Some people have indicated that they do smell a slight difference between the Organic and Non-Organic Essential Oil. That can be quite probable since Organic does mean

1) absolutely no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) used in the entire process, from planting the seed to processing the oil.

2) coming from a source that does not use any prohibited substances applied to the soil for at least 3 years before the harvesting of the Organic crop

3) non-use of any harmful pesticides. 

Each of Plant Therapy's Organic Essential Oil is certified through ECOCERT ICO, an inspection and certification organization fully accredited through The National Organic Program (NOP) which has very strict standards on the above restrictions.

How are pests, weeds and diseases controlled when growing organically then?

To combat the natural ills that plants are subject to, physical, mechanical and biological methods that are environmentally friendly are used by Organic farmers. In addition, these plants are allowed to grow freely without the aid of synthetic fertilisers.

Minus all the synthetic chemicals to protect and aid the growth of plants, Organic Essential Oils can certainly potentially have a slightly different scent from their Non-Organic counterparts. But it does still remain that both Organic and Non-Organic Essential Oils would retain their fundamental therapeutic properties and scent regardless. The use of Organic Essential Oils not only has significant benefits from the Essential Oil itself, but also from minimizing any possible chemical additives, and contributing to the conservation of the biodiversity of our precious environment. 

Organic products tend to be pricier for these reasons, and this is no different for Plant Therapy's Organic Essential Oils. The preference, however, is individual and Plant Therapy's Non-Organic Essential Oils are still far superior in quality for many reasons.

Does that mean Plant Therapy Organic Essential Oils are Better than Non-Organic Essential Oils?

What is most important to know is that regardless of being Organic or Non-Organic, Plant Therapy keeps the highest standards for the quality of ALL its Essential Oils.


All Plant Therapy’s Essential Oils are 100% Pure and Free from any additives or fillers and undergo the following highly rigoruous tests and evaluations to bring Customers the most accurate information possible

  • Tested for in-depth information on each chemical constituent with GC-MS testing for every single batch

  • Evaluated for each Essential Oil’s color, consistency, and general appearance 

  • Availability of GC-MS reports for every Essential Oil.


So the simple answer is: Plant Therapy 100% Pure Essential Oils, whether they are Organic or Non-Organic, are used with the greatest level of confidence by Customers that you are getting products from a company that is highly committed to ensuring that you are using Essential Oils that are Pure and of excellent Quality!  

So Why Should I buy Organic Essential Oils?

Whether you decide on Plant Therapy Organic Essential Oils or Non-Organic Essential Oils, you can be sure of getting an excellent product. So ultimately, it is very much a personal preference and an individual choice.


As with many other products, there are some who swear by Organic products only, others who make their decisions based on a number of other factors depending on the type of product and purpose for which they are purchasing, and still others who are quite indifferent to Organic products.  


To help you along, you can discover more about Plant Therapy Organic Essential Oils and learn about all things organic via these resources. And you can enjoy your Plant Therapy Essential Oils via our Monthly Plant Therapy Pre-Order Promotions which are exclusive for our Whatsapp Customers with up to 20% off USD Retail Prices + our Exclusive & Fantabulous Monthly Specials - shipped only when you order, direct from Plant Therapy USA and eta 2 weeks!

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